All The Things – Oily

I’ve been asked over and over for the names and where I get most of the products I use for when getting oily! I thought I would have a place where people can come to click and shop. To make it easier because there are so many products out there and it can be overwhelming, especially on Amazon. It can take forever if you start reading all of the reviews.



My Favorite White Wood Grain Diffuser (non YL) | Portable Diffuser | Diffuser/Humidifier for Kids Rooms 

Carrier Oils: 

Jojoba Oil | Grapeseed Oil | Argan Oil | Fractionated Coconut Oil

Basic Bottles:

Tiny Clear Sample Rollers (1ml) | Tiny Amber Sample Bottles 1/4 dram| Clear Rollers with Black Caps (5ml) |Clear Rollers with Black Caps (10ml)| 16oz Glass Spray Bottles | 2oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle | 15ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle (good for travel + sample)

Fancy Bottles:

Swirled Clear Roller Bottles (5ml) | Swirled Clear Roller Bottles (10ml) | Premium Square Thick Base Roller (10ml) | Premium Round Thick Base Roller (10ml)| Geometric Perfume Bottle (30ml)Geometric Perfume Bottle (60ml)

Rollers with Labels + Pretty Things:

Whimsy + Wellness | Astrobarn | Simply Essentials and Co.


Gemstone Facial RollerWitch Hazel (Alcohol Free)Castor Oil for Lashes


Essential Glow | Hello Glow | Oil + Glass  | Essential Oils Pocket Reference | The Year of Cozy

Other Stuff:

Old School Embossing Label Maker | Flashcards | Wool Dryer Balls

Oily Biz Graphics + Marketing:

My FAVORITE Design Guru – The Graphics Market